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Why trade with Standard Securities?

We are one of the leading firms in equity & commodity trading. Standard Securities works totally backed up with the fundamental and technical research calls from our in-house research team.

Equities are generally considered the riskier asset class over both bonds and cash, but historical returns have been higher as well. A well-diversified portfolio of all stocks can protect against individual company risk or even sector risk, but market risks will still exist that can affect the equities asset class. Equities are the best tools to beat the inflation in the long run compared to debt and cash.

The Mark-to-Market for Equity Derivatives and options is settled on a daily basis

The market for Equity is open from 9:15 A.M to 3:30 P.M (Monday to Friday).

  • Top trading platform for hassle free trade
  • Research reports and stock market advisory
  • Back office support
  • Superior trading services to meet your requirement.
  • Various online trading systems to suit your need.
  • Dedicated RM & Dealer
  • Live 24X7 Customer Support for On- Time Assistance
  • Operations excellence
  • Instant customer support and service.
  • Online net position, contract notes and A/C statement.

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